Suzanne T. Fortin

audiobook narrator



Selected Titles

Listen to Irreparable Harm by Melissa F.
Listen to The Bet by Natalie Wrye on Aud
Listen to Tell No Lies by Allison Brenna
Listen to Son of Anubis by Stacy Bennett
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Photo By: Bader Howar

Suzanne will always be the girl running out of the Suncook, New Hampshire library with a stack of books she can't possibly finish before they are due.


She received her MFA in acting from the University of Montana, and has toured the Northwest as a regional theatre actor.


When not knitting in the dressing room between scenes (poorly and only scarves, to the deep shame of the crafting queens in her ancestral line), she can also be found baking cupcakes, drinking tea and reading tarot cards.


Suzanne has a deep love of magic, mystery and sass, and specializes in Urban Fantasy, Thrillers and Romance.


She is a member of SAG-AFTRA, PANA, and the Audio Publishers Association. She is based in Los Angeles.



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